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CryptoTunnel 2.0

No Image The CryptoTunnel VPN2GO™ Technology allows any user with a Windows® system to surf the internet in complete privacy and more: Email-, Newsgroup-, Chat- and even IP Telephony applications like Skype are supported by the new Cryptotunnel client, that makes surfing the internet not only private but faster with its advanced compression technology.

Avant4u Anonymous Surfing 2.0.2: enhance your privacy by hiding your location & identity from web sites you visit
Avant4u Anonymous Surfing 2.0.2

Anonymous Surfing enhances your online privacy by hiding your IP address and location from all the web sites you visit: your Internet Explorer will use one of thousands anonymous servers anywhere in the world instead of connecting to any web site directly. Anonymous Surfing manages all aspects of your anonymous browsing: it will automatically download a list of anonymous proxy servers from the central Anonymous Server Database and then choose the

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wodSSHTunnel 1.7.4: wodSSHTunnel component is secure tunneling (based on SSH protocol) component
wodSSHTunnel 1.7.4

SSHTunnel component is server-type component that will add secure tunneling (based on SSH protocol) capabilities to your application. Based on your rules and definitions, it will accept local connections, encrypt it and forward to SSH server (where they will be decrypted and sent to destination host). SSH server is required for this component to work - encryption will take place between local computer (running wodSSHTunnel) and SSH server of your

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SSH client for windows SSHPro 3.5: SSH client for Windows  (Secure Shell). Download and try for free.
SSH client for windows SSHPro 3.5

SSHPro - ssh client for Windows (Secure Shell). Program for logging into a remote host (with an installed SSH server (sshd))and for executing commands in a remote machine. It replaces telnet, rlogin and rsh, while providing a securely encrypted communication between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network. X11 connections and arbitrary TCP/IP ports can also be forwarded over the secure channel. SSH is the industry standard for remote logins.

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SSHBlackbox VCL 10.0

SSH encryption mechanisms * create custom SSH-secured transports * authenticate on remote servers using password, public key, X.509 certificate or Kerberos protocol * generate and manage SSH keys * store SSH keys on PKCS#11-compatible cryptographic devices (USB cryptotokens, smartcards) * create your own SSH server applications that communicate with any third-party SSH clients SSHBlackbox VCL Edition is a comprehensive collection of native VCL components

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MobaSSH 1.22: Free SSH server for Windows
MobaSSH 1.22

MobaSSH is a free SSH server for Windows, compatible with any ssh client (OpenSSH client, Putty, ...). MobaSSH comes with an easy to use installer and some useful GNU utilities for monitoring and managing a remote computer silently. It also allows you to transfer files securely with scp/sftp. MobaSSH is packaged in a small single executable that registers as a Windows service so that it can be monitored like other normal Windows services.

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NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy 5.4

anonymous proxy server as your unique. - Hide your IP number from people. - Check the availability of multiple anonymous proxy servers with a blazing fast speed. - Import any list of anonymous proxy servers into NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy - Export the list of anonymous proxy servers contained in NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy to .txt, .html or .xls. - NetAdjust Anonymous Proxy automatically deletes dead anonymous proxy servers. - Add or remove any anonymous

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